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类型:喜剧片 喜剧  香港  1993 

主演:梁朝伟 张卫健 吴雪雯 叶玉卿 汤镇业 








The movie "The Genuine Wei Xiaobao: The Ditch Girl" is a Hong Kong comedy film released in 1993, directed by Tony Leung , Zhang Weijian, Wu Xuewen and Ye Yuqing starred, Ke Shouliang served as director. With its unique humorous style and absurd plot, the film arouses the audience's laughter and thinking.

The story takes place in the Ming Dynasty in ancient China. The protagonist Wei Xiaobao (played by Tony Leung) He is a slick and mischievous little guy who is always in some ironic predicaments. One day, Wei Xiaobao learned that he had been appointed by the emperor as a "Fengzhi ditch girl". His mission was to recruit a group of beautiful women for the emperor's entertainment. So, he embarked on a fantastic journey.

During Wei Xiaobao's recruitment process, he met various strange women, Each has its own characteristics and story. These include the unrestrained Thunderbolt (played by Wu Xuewen), the kind-hearted Liu Xu (played by Ye Yuqing), and the witty Feng Baobao (played by Zhang Weijian). In the process of getting along with them, Wei Xiaobao gradually discovered the real and touching things in them.

The plot of "The Genuine Wei Xiaobao: The Ditch Girl under Order" is full of twists and turns Unexpected jokes and absurdities. Through exaggerated performances and bizarre scenes, the film puts the audience in a world full of humor and surprise. Laughter and tears are intertwined in the film, and the audience will also have some thoughts about humanity and emotion while having fun.

In addition to comedy elements, the film also incorporates some romance and warmth. Wei Xiaobao gradually discovered the changes in his heart while getting along with these women. He gradually grew from a naughty little person to a responsible and emotional person. Through this emotional transformation, the film shows the complexity and growth process of the characters.




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