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类型:日本动漫  日本  2020 

主演:潘惠美 久川绫 堀江瞬 井上和彦 井上喜久子 齐藤壮马 佐仓绫音 岛崎 






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The anime "Love Uncertain" tells a complicated love story in youth. In this story, we will see the emotional entanglement and growth process of four teenagers.

Akuri and Yuna are two completely different types of girls, but by chance Come together in the encounter. They lived in the same apartment, attended the same school, and were classmates in their first year of high school. Yuna has been secretly longing for Rio, and Rio has an unspeakable affection for Shuri. Shuri has her own secrets to hide. On the other hand, their friends and ministers witnessed a certain unknown secret.

The emotional entanglements of the four people are intertwined, but the feelings between each other are different. inexpressible. They wandered in confusion and hesitation, the more they missed each other, the more they missed each other. Their love was blocked by all kinds of complicated emotional entanglements, which made them feel painful and confused.

However, this is also a growing process. In this journey of uncertain love, they will learn to bravely face their true inner feelings, learn to be honest with each other, and learn to cherish the people in front of them. They will gradually understand that growing up is not all smooth sailing, but needs to face various difficulties and challenges, and then become stronger and more mature.

"Love Unknown" is not just a simple love story , is a work that describes the growth of youth. Through the experience of the four protagonists, it shows us the exploration and growth of teenagers in their relationship, and also reflects the emotional confusion and inner struggle faced by many people in their youth.




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